Friday, June 1, 2007

Cafritz Property

The map to the left shows the outlines of the Cafritz Property (thin red line) nestled between:

NORTH: WMATA property which lies between Albion Rd. /College Park-Riverdale Park town line and the Cafritz Property;
WEST: Rt. 1, and University Park;
EAST: CSX RxR tracks;
SOUTHEAST: RP Industrial Park.

Town Center connects to the property via the route of the old trolley tracks, current well-worn pedestrian path, and hoped-for future Trolley Line Hiker-Biker Trail (shown by thick blue line). You can click on the map to see it in full size.

Route1 Growth blog has some thoughts on the future of the Cafritz property:

I guess we'll get a hint, perhaps, of what the developers have in mind tomorrow at 10 a.m...

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